A Transformative Opportunity


The world’s most critical resources need better management. Agriculture, energy, waste, and water are all facing increasing demand, accelerating in scarcity, and facing rapid environmental change. This is creating crucial sustainability and resilience challenges around the globe. Technological innovation is simultaneously enabling new, more modular and efficient decentralized infrastructure to help alleviate these resource constraints in a more affordable, reliable and sustainable way.

These distributed infrastructure projects are creating solutions. They require an understanding of proven technologies that are not familiar to other capital sources. They require an understanding of the variability of the markets they operate in, and how to assess the creditworthiness of smaller counterparties.

As the global population grows and urbanizes, the demand for infrastructure grows with it.

Global Population and Middle Class Growth Are Driving Resource Scarcity

Global Population Opportunity

These critical resources are interlinked

Infrastructure is undergoing a radical transformation

Infrastructure Investors

Distributed smaller scale projects increase efficiency and reduce vulnerability to shocks that could otherwise devastate large centralized systems

Project Developers

Developer Profile

  • Unique competitive advantages
  • Limited technology risk
  • Project management experience
  • Replicable and scalable project types
  • Strong customer relationships
Developer Needs

  • Capital flexibility and structuring
  • Sector expertise and relationships
  • Regulatory knowledge
  • Standardization of processes
  • Ability to scale