Marian Chertow

In by Ultra Capital

A frequent international lecturer, she is also appointed as faculty at the Yale School of Management and the National University of Singapore. She is a pioneer in the field of industrial ecology, and is best known in the sub-field of industrial symbiosis, focused on the shared management of resources by companies in relative geographic proximity.

  • Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies:  Professor of industrial environmental management.
  • Environmental business and state and local governments: served as president of a large state bonding authority charged with developing a billion dollar waste infrastructure system; testified on waste, recycling and other environmental issues before committees of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives
  • Board Affiliations: Board of Directors of the Alliance for Research in Corporate Sustainability (ARCS), the External Advisory Council of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability at Ingersoll Rand, and elected President of the International Society of Industrial Ecology until 2015.

B.A. from Barnard College; M.P.P.M and Ph.D. from Yale University