10 questions with Ultra Capital, infrastructure financiers greasing the circular economy’s wheels

“Emily Landsburg knows all too well how challenging it can be to convince investors to take a chance on a new technology. A serial entrepreneur in her former life, she founded several businesses at the intersection of waste, energy and water, including Blackgold Biofuels, a company that converted sewer greases and oils in other wastewater into biodiesel.

These days she sits on the other side of the table, as a director at Ultra Capital, a private equity fund that finances infrastructure projects in the United States and Canada that have a positive environmental impact. The projects Ultra invests in are small — in the $10 million and $100 million range — by the standards of an asset class that typically funds toll roads, airports and stadiums, along with infrastructure for sectors such as oil and gas, mining and petrochemicals.” Read More on GreenBiz