Transformative Opportunity

Significant Market

We are targeting a trillion dollar opportunity: the need to deliver efficiently distributed solutions to critical resource scarcity resulting from the rapid rise in the global middle class

Innovative Company Structure

We created an innovative investment model and scalable execution platform to provide consistent real asset returns to investors and strategic support to a growing ecosystem of developers

High Caliber Team

We assembled a highly talented, committed team of developers, project managers, operators, domain experts, investors and asset managers to execute on this extraordinary opportunity

Global Population and Middle Class Growth Are Driving Resource Scarcity

Global Population Opportunity

These critical resources are interlinked

Infrastructure is undergoing a radical transformation

Infrastructure Investors

Distributed smaller scale projects increase efficiency and reduce vulnerability to shocks
that could otherwise devastate large centralized systems

Addressing the market gap

Market gap Developers

We developed a platform to
originate, underwrite and manage
small to mid-size projects at scale

New Investment Model that Aggregates Real Asset Projects

Real Asset Vehicles

  • Portfolios of uncorrelated Real Asset projects
  • Transparent, tax efficient, low fee structures
  • Long-term predictable cash flows
  • Low correlation to other assets classes
  • Expertly managed core assets with low risk profile
  • Long term and short term liquidity options

Project Developers

Developer Profile

  • Unique competitive advantages
  • Limited technology risk
  • Project management experience
  • Replicable and scalable project types
  • Strong customer relationships
Developer Needs

  • Capital flexibility and structuring
  • Sector expertise and relationships
  • Regulatory knowledge
  • Standardization of processes
  • Ability to scale

We provide financing and expertise for talented developers and their projects